Our School

Moseley C of E Primary School

Every Child Matters To God

We are looking forward to welcoming the children to St Agnes,
for an Advent service on Thursday 25th November. 

St. Agnes is one of the three local Church of England churches specifically mentioned in the school’s admissions policy – children regularly worshipping at St. Agnes get priority for school places (along with children from the other two local Church of England churches), and the Vicar of St Agnes is one of the Governors of the school.

Our connection with the school goes back to 1878 when a meeting was held at Moseley C of E Primary (then known as ‘the National School’) ‘to consider the best means of providing increased Church accommodation’. St. Agnes was built as a result a few years later. The initial idea was to build St. Agnes where the present school building now stands!

We are delighted to support our local Church of England Primary School and value our long standing connection with it. We lead assemblies and host school services. Many of the children who worship at St. Agnes are pupils at the school and involved in every aspect of school life.