Our Vision

What sort of church do we aim to be?
A church where relationships matter In a world where people are increasingly isolated, St. Agnes can be a real spiritual family, where we are loved, accepted and know that we belong; and through loving fellowship, especially in house groups, we can feel that we have come home.

A church with a different vision for life
In a world that is increasingly confused and directionless, we can share a different vision for life, as we live out the Bible’s teaching. As a church we aim to be guided by God and to learn and grow together.

A church with a real experience of God
In a world where God is often seen as distant, we expect to meet with God in our worship, our house groups and our everyday lives; to trust in Jesus personally and to have our lives transformed.

A church that transforms its community
In a world that is often loveless, we aim to show the compassion and love of Christ, to share with others the love that we have received ourselves from Him. We aim to be a church that makes a practical difference to our community and to the wider world.

A church that reaches out to others
In a world that desperately needs to experience Jesus’ love, we will tirelessly reach out to others with the message of forgiveness and new life through faith in Jesus. Everyone is welcome. No one should feel excluded. We long for others to trust in Jesus for themselves.

What are we called to be?
As St. Agnes church we are called to be a growing fellowship of those who believe and trust in Jesus: where the Bible is lived out, relationships have depth, people have a real relationship with God, where we make a real difference to our community, and encourage as many as possible to share in trusting Jesus, living out the Bible and experiencing God in the family of the church.